Asaf Avidan // Different Pulses

I am currently listening to this song by Asaf Avidan on repeat, I am taken elsewhere while listening to his gorgeous and unique voice ❤



The Sun Is Gonna Rise..

I am a little behind with my video blogging!

Here is Some footage from my Thursday-Saturday back in May 😉

29-05-2014 – 31-05-2014

Mail, Bike Riding, Lentils As Anything, The Moon Raja,
Birthday Party, Friends, Food,
Adventures, Late Night Apartment Cleaning.

Amazing cake from OMV Bakery

You can find the recipe for the Spicy Lentil Mint Dip here =)

Shot by Melissa Kilkelly
In Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you so much Shan for lending me your


She’s So Hard
The Jezabels


Angels Of Fire
The Jezabels


love missy

je t’aime.

You can watch the shorter version here if you would rather =)

je t’aime.


Melissa Kilkelly


Michelle King


Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens


La vie en Rose
Edith Piaf

L’hymne a L’amour
Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf

I’d like to say a huge thank you to my dear and thoughtful friend Shan for lending me his camera.
I would not have shot this without it!!!

love missy

Jens Lekman – Your Arms Around Me

I don’t think it is a particularly bad thing that I get some easily obsessed with some thing’s… Or is it?!
Music for example…
I’ll get hooked on a musician and can listen to the same song that I feel I am in love with! on repeat all day and will still happily do the same thing the next day (-=
But most people aren’t like that, I’ve made a few friends dislike songs they once liked because I was listening to the songs on repeat… and for that I am sorry!! =-p I am currently listening to Jens Lekman at the library with my headphones 😉 and it is beautiful.

Another thing I am obsessed with at the moment is hot chocolate… or maybe I am addicted, that is more likely.
I’ve been making it often, before I go to bed and this morning when I woke up I had a glass… when I should have had something healthy like a smoothie for breakfast…, I like to mix coconut cream, almond milk and soy milk with raw cane sugar and cacao (-= Mmmmm so creamy and delicious!
I go through these fazes of religiously/obsessively doing something.
Mostly because it makes me feel better about my life.
I remember when I would binge op-shop, I had the most ridiculous amount of clothing and jewellery… I still have a lot more clothes than I need that is for sure! But since I don’t have a job I haven’t been collecting all the fabulous items I could be, which kind of makes me sad… I love op-shopping and really miss going from op-shop to op-shop and collecting unique items!
I think when I finally get a job again my obsession for op-shopping and hording will not be as bad as I have been in the past, but I know it is going to happen and that makes me wana get a job even more so… Maybe I should get obsessed with job hunting, instead of coming up with reasons of why I wouldn’t be suitable for the jobs I find and start believing in myself!
That may actually be a good obsession, thinking positive thoughts!
The more I think positive thoughts the less room there is for the negative!
The more I listen to the same song on repeat the less time I have to spend listening to other songs I would want to listen to on repeat…
I more money I make from working when I get this dream job the more op-shopping I can do!

Oh I love the simple things in life.

love missy