Hello, I’m Missy, I was born in the beautiful land of the long white cloud, I’m an ethical vegan, a photographer, have two lovely cats Patches + Storm, Myke and I have a incredible lil’ child Zen we lived in Cairns, Australia!

Me. Photo taken by Melanie <3

Me. Photo taken by Melanie ❤

This year I want to blog (2014)! So I started this page, I will be posting about bits and pieces I like, what I’ve been up to, recipes I’ve made and things related to my free online mag called WILD FIRE.



WILD FIRE is a free-to-read online vegan fashion and food magazine. It was created by photographer Kohii Love (Melissa Kilkelly) who has a passion for both Human and Animal rights. There was no magazine that dealt with these issues in a fashion-focused or even consumer way so Melissa decided to create her own magazine in an effort to help others take a stand for animals and humans.

All content featured in WILD FIRE is ethical, and all featured products are both vegan and sweatshop-free/fair-trade. WILD FIRE is a non-profit venture, the magazine is free-to-read and will remain so. The bulk of the magazine is put together entirely by Melissa. Recipes, articles and other content is submitted by our readers, thus ensuring that WILD FIRE is always full of content relevant to our readers interests. Everyone who contributes to WILD FIRE is unpaid, they contribute their time and creativity in hope that WILD FIRE will inspire its readers to live a cruelty-free, ethical lifestyle.

WILD FIRE began as an annual magazine, the first issue was released online on November 6th 2011 and the second issue was released online on November 6th 2012. In 2013, we endeavoured to convert WILD FIRE to a bi-annual magazine with our third issue being released on April 26th and our fourth issue (which is travel-themed) being released on November 26th 2013. Issue five will be online in February.

WILD FIRE is available online to readers all over the world, Issues 1–5 are available to download for free here.
We also hope to connect to our readers via social media and can now be found on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wildfiremagazine
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/WILDFIREmagazine
Vimeo: www.vimeo.com/wildfiremagazine

To contact us please send us an email:


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