Pregnancy. Kindness. Gender Neutral Parenting.

It’s almost been a whole year since I’ve posted on here, I’ve got a backlog of photographs from last year (and this year!) I’m looking forward to sharing at some point in the not so distant future!

I’m currently 37weeks pregnant, it’s been a life changing few months and I’ve enjoyed the changes that have came with being pregnant! It’s seriously incredible having a little soul grow inside you ❤ The human body is seriously incredible!

Myke and I will be bringing up our child vegan & we will be gender neutral parenting.

This means our child will be brought up to respect all life ❤ Veganism is all about kindness, being kind to your body, being kind to others and being kind to this beautiful planet we share.

Why wouldn’t we want the children of the world to radiate kindness.

I will not be referring to my child as ‘he’, ‘she’, or ‘him, ‘her’, until they choose themselves what pro-noun they wish to use.
This may seem strange to many people, but I feel that gender is currently defined by what genitals a child is born with, and depending on what genitals the child has they are then automatically stereotyped.

I feel when people (which is almost everyone who sees that I’m pregnant) ask me if I am having a ‘boy’ or a ‘girl’ it is to get an idea or sense of what my child will be like,… if they are a ‘boy’ that should/could mean they will wear blue, play with toy trucks and want to grow up to be a ‘fireman’… or if they are a ‘girl’, they will wear pink, play with dolls and want to grow up to be a ‘princess’… I don’t want my child to feel they have to be someone they are not, because what they want to wear or do does not align with the views people currently have on gender.

0DSC02231 bnw

❤ Thirty-Seven Weeks Pregnant ❤



love missy


6 thoughts on “Pregnancy. Kindness. Gender Neutral Parenting.

  1. Hey Melissa – congratulations to you & Myke – all the best for the beautiful event in a few weeks time 😊 Deb xxxx

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