Not Today.

So Joanna only had a few more days left of her holiday, we had to squish in a lot more eating!! & site seeing! 02-03-2015.


We got up early and went to a cool looking café called Combi, we got a ‘Master Tonic’ juice & Vegan Acai Bowl.


Our Mother had came across 12×12 via social media, so we checked out this rad pop up store, there was a few great vegan & fair-trade products available.

0DSC08668 0DSC08682

We popped into Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop where Joanna got a chocolate scroll thing to take-away =)


Then just across the road we went to Crumbs Organic Bakehouse, had a sit down and enjoyed our new favourite drink and a healthy tasting slice (and we may have taken a few things home with us to eat later while watching a movie!)


The next day we had Loving Hut for Lunch (we got an awesome Vietnamese roll to take back to Myke), saw Paradox and we went to La Panella Bakery, Joanna got a few vegan goodies, one being this crazy looking cream bun!!


Hello there you deliciously sickly looking vegan cream bun, oh why must you be made with wheat =( Waaaaa.

0DSC08704 0DSC08707

Joanna wore this pretty vintage Cue dress that I brought from an op-shop for Joeys birthday =) She loved it so much she forgot to take it back to Cairns with her =-p


We hopped on a train and headed out of the city, where Myke picked us up and we went to Warrandyte, it is so beautiful and peaceful out that way!
We had an early night because we had to be up at 4ish am to take Joanna to the airport.
Joanna I miss you to much!!!! Come and live in Melbourne with me ❤

0DSC08762 0DSC08763 0DSC08766 0DSC08784 0DSC08796 tiger cross



love missy


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