Picnic in the park

Joanna and I had a birthday picnic in the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens on the 1st of March, it was a beautiful, warm and magical day ❤ The company couldn’t have been better and the food we shared was simply delicious! Vegan Cheese with Chips, Crackers + Fruit & Vegetable Sticks, Chocolate Brownies & Baked Doughnuts.
Joanna, Myke, Varun, Pareen, Kylie, Issa , Paradox + Natsume The Righteous ❤ Thank you for the wonderful day!!!
I’m excited to have another vegan picnic in the park again soon!
Want to come along too???

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I love my friends and family so much, goodness me am I so lucky to have such incredible people in my life ❤

love missy


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