Joanna visits me for her birthday <3

Joanna came and visited me in Melbourne for her birthday at the end of February, it was a jammed pack week of sisterly love and fun, from starting the week off with Joanna shouting herself and me to have our nails done at I Scream Nails, wooooah, they looked fabulous, Zinya did an incredible job and I’m looking forward to going back there in the near future, they use a lot of different vegan nail polish brands! (we made sure the polish used on out nails was, as they use some non-vegan brands).


Next it was off to the wonderful Las Vegan Café for our lunch =) Tanya made the most delicious nacho dish, with lots of jalapenos on the side – just for me 😉 !
Joanna and I shared the dish and we were both well and truly satisfied and comfortably full afterwards!!! Thanks Tanya!!!
❤ While we were at Las Vegan we enjoyed looking at all the beautiful sweat-shop-free + cruelty-free shoes, belts and bags that Vegan Style have on offer! If you haven’t been in and seen the wide variety of items they stock because you live in another State check out their website!

0DSC07925 0DSC07940 0DSC07948
We popped into a few other great stores along Smith st, one being Friends of the Earth food co-op, Joe got this incredibly tasty Organic Orange Soda to quench our thirst and need for some flavourful sugar on the warm day it was! BEST ORANGE SODA EVER !!!!! ❤

I brought Joanna a single and stunning water lily for her birthday from Vasette
The next day we went to Prahran to go to a few stores Joanna had heard about, wandered around for about 20 minutes trying to find Greene st Juice co, we luckily spotted it by chance, Joe picked Gotham City, because who wouldn’t want to try a drink inspired by Batman!?
0DSC07991 0DSC08003 0DSC08004
We next went to Prahran Convenience and ice-cream screamed out to us eat meeeeee so we did, this was insanely tasty raw ice-cream =) check out what other awesome products Luz Almond creates! (almost everything is vegan, products that contain honey obviously aren’t though).
From there we went to American Apparel where Joanna spoilt me! with awesome sunflower shorts and a matching sunflower crop top! ❤ Thanks Joey!
After all the trying on of clothes we were getting hungry! So we popped into Pana Chocolate for a another chocolate hit and then got a yummy tofu & rice dish from Fina’s Vegetarian Café in Richmond! Mmmmmm, I love Vietnamese food!

0DSC08006 bnw 0DSC08010 0DSC08013

It was time to head home & put our feet up and enjoy a movie or two! While snacking on these awesome Boulder Canyon potato chips I brought Joe for her b-day! She loves awesome flavoured vegan chips!!!! & so do I =)
It was also time for Joanna to eat some birthday cake!!! We had been so busy and out eating all the time it wasn’t until the day after her birthday we ate cake!
I made Joanna this beautiful three layered cake inspired by the flavours she picked- Pistachio, Sesame and Pear ❤

0DSC08035 0DSC08056 0DSC08109 0DSC08149

The next day we had a tasty dinner at the very popular and fabulous 100% vegan restaurant Smith & Daughters

0DSC08205 0DSC08214
Then came Saturday! it was Thomas & Morgan’s wedding =) This beautiful couple trusted me to cater the food for their wedding, it was an honour and I truly enjoyed myself! Creating tasty and yummy looking food with plants makes me so happy! ❤ Magic Milk Bar will hopefully cater for more events in the future =)

0DSC08259 2

After a busy day making food it was time to relax and enjoy the food someone else could prepare for me (and for Myke who helped me out)! So Joanna, Myke and I had dinner at Vegie Bar.
I ordered a gluten-free vegan Temproni Pizza.

The next day Joanna and I had a marvellous small picnic gathering for our birthdays in the Royal Botanical Gardens, I will share photos from that day in the next post =) ❤



love missy


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