Some footage from my Thursday, Friday and Saturday

01-05-2014 – 03-05-2014

Shot by Melissa Kilkelly

In Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you once again Shan for lending me your camera!!!!



Sigur Rós

Thursday was a boring day at home, the most exciting thing I did was making Shan’s awesome Mapo Tofu recipe which you can find in issue five of WILD FIRE =)

On Friday I went to Testing Grounds to see the beautiful Mother Cow my very talented vegan friend Soli made!

I hadn’t had dinner and was super hungry so Myke and I grabbed some vegan fast food from Lord of the Fries before we caught up with Frazer for some compassion meditation.

On Saturday I got to catch up with my beautiful friend Jena ❤ Who I have not seen in far too long!
We had a bite to eat at Smith and Daughters.

Later I saw Shan briefly for a chat before I headed to Loving Hut Northcote to have dinner with Chris, Miki and their beautiful daughter Izumi ❤ Kylie and Jas =) Myke joined us later on.
Then I said goodbye for now to my beautiful friend Frazer who is moving back to Adelaide temporarily, You are missed already!!

Gosh I love everyone in my life so incredibly much ❤ ❤ ❤

Have a wonderful week =)

love missy


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