Some footage from my Tuesday.


I live in zone two of the public transport system in Melbourne so I biked 10 km to a train station in zone one to save $3.00, I felt rather buggered after it! But it was a good reason to push myself! Maybe not having a job and wanting to save money where I can –  is good for me… =-) What am I saying?! Of course it is!!

I went into the city and caught up with some of my dear friends at Lentils as Anything in Abbotsford.

Lentils as Anything is a pretty darn awesome vegetarian not-for-profit organization that solely relies on customers, partners and volunteers! They always have a great selection of vegan food =) I love that when I go to the Lentils at Abbotsford, as it is serve yourself I can load my plate up with rice =-D it is very easy to carb up and fill up at Lentils and you pay as you can afford and I am grateful for that ❤

We also got pretty lucky that we were there on a day that some sweet baked goodies from Mister Nice Guys Bakery were being served =) This is a pretty amazing vegan bakery =)

There was a very gorgeous and friendly cat that made friends with Shan quickly (-= Unfortunately he didn’t like me as much and bit me, =-p

I briefly got to see Demi before she headed back to Brisbane! & met her friend Holly =)

Also I’m obsessed with making hot chocolate at the moment.

Footage shot by Melissa Kilkelly

In Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you Shan for lending me your camera!!!!!! =-D


Dead Sun



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