Jens Lekman – Your Arms Around Me

I don’t think it is a particularly bad thing that I get some easily obsessed with some thing’s… Or is it?!
Music for example…
I’ll get hooked on a musician and can listen to the same song that I feel I am in love with! on repeat all day and will still happily do the same thing the next day (-=
But most people aren’t like that, I’ve made a few friends dislike songs they once liked because I was listening to the songs on repeat… and for that I am sorry!! =-p I am currently listening to Jens Lekman at the library with my headphones šŸ˜‰ and it is beautiful.

Another thing I am obsessed with at the moment is hot chocolate… or maybe I am addicted, that is more likely.
I’ve been making it often, before I go to bed and this morning when I woke up I had a glass… when I should have had something healthy like a smoothie for breakfast…, I like to mix coconut cream, almond milk and soy milk with raw cane sugar and cacao (-= Mmmmm so creamy and delicious!
I go through these fazes of religiously/obsessively doing something.
Mostly because it makes me feel better about my life.
I remember when I would binge op-shop, I had the most ridiculous amount of clothing and jewellery… I still have a lot more clothes than I need that is for sure! But since I don’t have a job I haven’t been collecting all the fabulous items I could be, which kind of makes me sad… I love op-shopping and really miss going from op-shop to op-shop and collecting unique items!
I think when I finally get a job again my obsession for op-shopping and hording will not be as bad as I have been in the past, but I know it is going to happen and that makes me wana get a job even more so… Maybe I should get obsessed with job hunting, instead of coming up with reasons of why I wouldn’t be suitable for the jobs I find and start believing in myself!
That may actually be a good obsession, thinking positive thoughts!
The more I think positive thoughts the less room there is for the negative!
The more I listen to the same song on repeat the less time I have to spend listening to other songs I would want toĀ listen to on repeat…
I more money I make from working when I get this dreamĀ jobĀ the more op-shopping I can do!

Oh I love the simple things in life.


love missy


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