My life isn’t really all that exciting, most days when I get up I take a shower then have some breakfast, or visa versa, sometimes I wont do either of that I’ll just hop straight onto my computer and before I know it, it will be past lunch time and I still have not ate breakfast… I try not to do this to often! But I am hooked to the screen!

Now that I do not have internet access at home and I have to bike down to the local library to use the free Wi-Fi I think a lot is going to change for the better in my life, I’ve started to exercise more (more bike riding, yay!) and my dear friend Mel gave me a Pilates dvd!
Soon I’m going to be super fit and toned… haha, I can only hope so anyway!
I have many super awesome friends in my life that I love dearly! And one in particular who is very thoughtful and has let me borrow his camera for the past month! (my camera has not been fixed yet, mostly because I don’t have the money,… I’m in great need of a job!) sooo… this camera does video, and just recently I have started documenting my daily activities with video instead of photography like I use too! I’m really grateful that I have this camera to experiment with, I finally have some ideas on how to get creative again! But most importantly I’m so thankful for all the wonderful people I have in my life ❤


On Sunday I painted my nails, went out for dinner and had some fun with friends ❤
If you so desire check out five minutes of my Sunday, via the YouTube video above =)

Butter London

Priti NYC

Loving Hut

Shot by Melissa Kilkelly
In Melbourne, Australia.



love missy


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