I am overwhelmed by the kindness of people!
After I shared a dodgy iPhone shot of my hand holding a cute heart-shaped cookie on Instagram along with the words I will share below, I got some really beautiful messages from amazing people that touched my heart and I burst into tears. I am so thankful that people appreciate what I try to do, it really makes me feel so much better about life in general.
So I want to thank you! For making me feel appreciated!

Yesterday was good and bad… The bad being my DSLR died… And I’m not sure how I’m going to finish this issue of WILD FIRE without it… And since I have no job and no money I have no clue how I’m to buy a new one… Good news is I have awesome friends who are happy to lend me their camera! Because they are awesome! ā™„ Today I realized how attached I am to my camera… I don’t know if that is good or bad thing!? I guess because I feel taking photos is something I’m good at and enjoy and now I don’t have that I feel lost… It has also made me realize I need to get a job like a ‘normal’ person so when bad stuff like this happens I’ve got some cash that maybe useful… So after issue five is released future issues of WILD FIRE will be put on hold until I can actually afford to work on it while not getting paid, I want WILD FIRE to stay free forever, but I’ve come to realize I need a job to support that vision! I wana say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has contributed in someway to making WILD FIRE possible!! And to all the awesome readers of WILD FIRE Magazine:) thanks for your support! I need to focus on boring things in life for awhile! But I will be looking at getting a team of awesome ethical vegan people to help me for feature issues once I start back on it! It’s to stressful doing so much myself (even with my sisters amazing help in the past!!) and it would be brilliant to get some extra help! If you think you can help out in some way and are keen send me an email: wildfirebykohiilove@hotmail.com šŸ™‚

I took a handful of photos in the early morning at the We Love Life Festival before my camera decided it had had enough of life and then I felt really dazed for most of the day.
Iā€™m lucky enough that that three of my favorite people were in these photos!!!

Frazer taking a yoga class at the We Love Life Festival.

Frazer taking a yoga class at the We Love Life Festival.

Paradox just being a babe.

Paradox just being a babe.

'Hello Vegan' Goddess Souraya.

‘Hello Vegan’ Goddess Souraya.

Thank goodness my friend Sun gave me his camera to borrow so I was able to take some photos of the lovely Jordana for this coming issue of WILD FIRE.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful awesome people I have in my life.
I love every single one of you with all my heart.


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