$8.40 Outfit

I’m a huge fan of buying second hand! For many reasons:

One: If you are a good op-shopper, you will find awesome one-of-a-kind/unique items that you know you are not going to see another person wearing while walking down the street! My favourite items to find while op-shopping are clip-on earrings! I don’t have my ears pierced so finding fun clip-ons is exciting!

Two: It’s cheap!!! Most of the time anyway… some second-hand store are unfortunately over-priced, but normally you can buy a whole outfit: shoes, bottoms a shirt and maybe a jacket all together for cheaper than you would buy just one of these items at store. Also, these items that we can easily purchase brand new are most likely not kind to humans, which brings me to…

Three: Sweat-shops… I despise them. From the use of child labour, to the unsafe working conditions, to the poor wages and to the fact that companies pay their workers hardly anything while making a mind-boggling profit! Next time you want to buy something new, please think about what/who it is made out of and who made that item?! Buying fashion items that are vegan, fair-labour/sweat-shop free is easy! If you haven’t already, you should check out WILD FIRE Magazine, It’s a free online magazine that I run and it only has vegan, sweat-shop free items promoted in it! + it has heaps of yummy recipes and interesting articles!

Four: It’s better for the environment! The quantity of landfill that is out there from our clothing is crazy! I remember reading an article a couple of years ago and being shocked at how many tons (the figure I can’t remember) of ‘fast fashion’ clothing items end up in the earth, and let’s not forget every other item humans make that people don’t want any more, simply because it’s broken when it maybe easily repaired instead of being replaced with something new is just ridiculous! What happened to the day where we bought items that lasts us decades!? The amount of chemicals used in the clothing industry is poisoning our Earth, the animals and the workers! From the chemicals sprayed onto cotton crops to the tanning dyes used for leather, it’s poison! By buying second-hand, we are not only buying something that has already been pre-loved (or not… maybe that’s why it is in the op-shop to begin with?!), we are not creating a demand for that product directly to be made again. Yes, it is a distinct possibility our removal of that item from the store may cause someone else to buy a similar item new! But we are doing our part in using what is already there, and we should encourage others to do the same to eventually reduce that demand for new products!

Five: Most op-shops, thrift stores, or second-hand stores support a charity… this can be a good or a bad thing depending on what charity the money is going towards… but if it is a charity you want to support, go and shop there!!!

Today I went op-shopping with Mel and Myke, I bought this beautiful sunflower plate made in Italy for $3 !!!
At the next op-shop I came across the cutest singlet and skort they looked like they were made for each other!
Mel bought me the cute singlet and Myke bought me the cute skort =) Thank you both so much!!!!! I can’t wait to wear it… tomorrow?! I’ve got some washing on now!

I spent the late afternoon listening to music a friend suggested to me and a lot of music I had forgotten about, such as Ramona Falls.
I made a Risotto for dinner =) It was nice, but found it too ‘rich’? I think it would be better with a nice salad, I ate it alone unfortunately. I guzzled down some OJ after and felt much better! I love fruit!!!!

Op-shop finds

My Awesome Bike, 'City Vegans'

My Awesome Bike, ‘City Vegans’

Yay!!! New Out-fit

Yay!!! New Out-fit

Passion Flower

Passion Flower



Rocket Mushroom Risotto

Rocket Mushroom Risotto

Rocket Mushroom Risotto


3 cups of White Rice (or rice of your choice)
1 cup of chopped Onion
1 teaspoon Olive Oil
2 cups of Water
A dash of Salt (I used herbed salt)
40g of dried Mushrooms (I used a Porcini and Oyster Mushroom mix)
2 teaspoons Tamari Sauce (use more if you want it salter, but I think this is enough)
A little cracked pepper and chilli
100g Black Fungi Mushrooms (or fresh mushrooms of your choice)
100ml Coconut Cream
100ml Water
1 cup of chopped Rocket

Cook the rice in a rice cooker (or on a stove) until cooked.
In a frying pan sauté the onions in the olive oil until onions appear clear.
Add 2 cups of water and the dried mushroons and a dash of salt to the pan, cook the mushrooms until they have almost absorbed all the water.
Then add the tamari sauce, the fresh mushrooms and the coconut cream and water.
Cook on a medium heat for around 5 mins then add the cooked rice, mix the rice into the mushroom creamy goodness.
Turn of the heat.
Add the chopped rocket and mix it in, then put the lid on and let the Risotto stand for 5 mins.

Serve with a nice vegan salad and enjoy =)

love missy


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